Tax Free information

Satindoll has shops in Tokyo at which the foreign customers can buy Rolex and many other brands watches Tax-free.

Now we are offering items at the SPECIAL PRICES, lower than the indicated bargain prices.

We are looking forward to serving you.

Your passport is required for Tax-free shopping.

We ask you to show us it while shopping.

Payment in cash: Japanese yen.
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1: We don’t sell items Tax-free without showing your passport and in case you don’t agree to the routine procedure as well.
2: You are available if you are a foreign traveler having your own passport.
You are not available if you
are working in Japan,
are a resident in Japan.
and have been in Japan for more than 6 months.
3: In the case of the purchase of duty-free,
the guarantee with the free-overhaul service by our shop is not provided.
Also it is limited to the use of the country in the residents in Japan.
We accept an inquiry sent from an E-mail only.
Please inquire from the linked form as below.
Sorry we don’t respond to an inquiry on the phone.
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